Thursday, January 22, 2009

Fender Champion 600 Free Installation of the Mercury Magnetics Mod

Doing the Champion 600 mods in my previous posts left me with a good bit of curiosity about the specifics of the Mercury Magnetics kit. If anyone in the Boston area has a Champion 600 with a Mercury Magentics mod kit they need to have installed, drop me an email. For the opportunity to get in there and see just what's going on I'd be glad to do the put it free of charge.

Just putting it out there in case anyone's interested...


Bruce said...

I don't live anywhere near Boston but if I did I'd love to have you install the Mercury Mag upgrade.

And I want to say "Thank You" for sharing your knowledge and insite on tube amps here.


Mack McDonald said...

I recently installed the merc mod to my 600, but having some issues. At higher volumes, on certain strings and frets, I get harmonics or feedback (just enough to be annoying). Looking for someone familiar with this mod kit that might be able to figure it out. This was my first and last attempt at being an amp tech.