Monday, December 15, 2008

Opening a Fender Champion 600 for modding

opening the Fender Champion 600 for modding

Getting ready to make some circuit changes to this little Champion 600.
The gif is just for fun really.
If anyone is interested in more detail let me know.
I have photos in much higher res.


Geoff H said...


I'm trying to take the back off my champ 600. I've removed the 4 screws on the back, but the back still isn't coming off. I don't want to pull too hard in case I crack the board. Am I missing something obvious?

Anonymous said...

Geoff H just wiggle it and push it from the back if needed, you'll get to it eventually

Or well I hope you did it's been 8 years

Why are there no photos on this blog

My Champ is a 2006 release and it took quite some wiggling to get it loose

I was just a kid back in 2006 but gave my neighbours quite some time with it

About time for a replacement speaker though or what do you think Geoff, an 8 inch one should fit I reckon

Alright salutons!

(That's french for greetings)

Thanks and have a good day everyone, hope my advice was useful