Saturday, December 13, 2008

Fender Champion 600 Part 1

Fender Champion 600 speaker responseFender Champion 600 with Ampeg Jet Alnico speaker responseFender Champion 600 with Deluxe Reverb speaker responseFender Champion 600 with Celestion Century speaker response

Below is a frequency plot for a Fender Champion 600 using it's own speaker first, then with the internal speaker unhooked and the Champion amp connected directly to the speaker in 4 different combos.

Stock Champion 600 Ampeg Alnico Eminence Legend Celestion G12 Century speaker response

Green is the stock speaker

Purple is the stock alnico in and Ampeg Jet Cab

Red is an Eminence Legend 12" in Fender Deluxe Cab

Yellow is a Celestion G12 Century in a Hughes & Kettner Puretone Cab

Three things strike me about the stock speaker plot:
• The 90Hz low frequency resonance of the speaker is quite strong.
• The high frequency response is extended above 5KHz.
• The speaker sensitivity is the lowest of all of the four tested.

The low frequency bump on the is certainly not helping the muddiness or lack of low end headroom that characterize the Champion. The next step will be to modify the circuit to limit the low frequency response.


Fernando (Barcelona) said...

Great, very useful measurements, thanks a lot!

André said...

Have you done anything in terms measuring the loudness with those different speakers? I hear things like 3x louder with a single 12" speaker (even 8 ohms).
The clean is so great that 3x louder almost sounds too good to be true:P