Monday, November 2, 2009

Low Wattage Tube Practice Amp - Plywood Mockup

I've been working out a circuit for a low wattage tube practice / recording amp inspired by the Gregory Gemini 700 / Mark V . This weekend I took a break from the electronics and built a plywood mockup for the cabinet to see how I liked the size feel of it at home. Here it is in my living room:

low wattage tube amp plywood mockup

I'm going to give it some kind of tilt back legs. Here it's just propped up on an Altoids tin to see how it looked tipped back a bit. I'm pretty happy with the size of it in the house. Once I wire up the chassis I can see how it sounds with a speaker in there. If all's well I'll build up the cabinet in real wood with real joinery.

Here it is with the cat for scale (and because, oddly, they match):

low wattage tube practice amp with curious cat

Our cat is a mammoth - 14 lbs fit and trim - so the cab is actually a bit bigger than it looks. I'm planning to put a Weber 8" in there, but there's enough room for a 10" in case the 8" doesn't cut it. The baffleboard is designed to be easy to remove so I can try a few different speakers without a lot of fuss. I may even try a pair of Weber 6's in there for kicks.


Anonymous said...

Would love to see a diy tube amp progress from scratch to finish. I'm tempted to start one but got no experience at all so here's to hope that you will give super clear instructions and such so that this newbie can follow.

Owais Khan said...

An ideal practice amp with an analogue tonal heart and solid digital effects section. look at here now