Monday, April 27, 2009

Trippy Reverb Trick for Two Channel Fender Amps

This is a trick to get a deep and spacey reverb sound out of most 2 channel Fender Amps.

Here's the set up with the "Normal" channel jumpered to the "Vibrato" channel:

Fender Trippy Reverb Trick
Generally people DON'T jumper channels on their Fender amps because
the two channels are phase reversed*. This means the two channels cancel each other out.
So instead of getting more volume from the second channel
when you turn it up, you get less.

This trick takes advantage of that cancellation to get rid of a lot
of the straight guitar sound leaving mostly reverb.

----Video Quality Disclaimer----

The video makes it sound like the amp has loads of buzz.

It doesn't actually - it's the foolish AGC
circuit on the camera.

Soldier through and you'll get the basic idea though.


This video shows the basic setup:

The sound on the video will give you the "how to" but doesn't capture the depth of the reverb, so I suggest you try it yourself to hear what it sounds like in person. It's much more dramatic.

You can also toy with the tone control settings to get more variations from the reverb sound.
It can get pretty wacky with some tweaking (and it can get loud quick so be careful).

* Technically they are "reversed polarity" or "180 degrees out of phase".
Though incorrect "phase reversed" or "out of phase" are the more colloquial usage
and they're the ones you're more likely to hear in music circles.


Anonymous said...

Very nice! I just tried this. The tremolo circuit gets more pronounced too. And when the two are on, there's some nice (almost delay) slapback going on. Thanks for this tip.

Daniel Dempsey said...

Awesome tip! I'm going to use this ASAP. Thanks for posting!

Alan L. said...

I just did this to my 63 Vibroverb RI. Wow!! I am going to use it this way at my next gig. Makes the tone better too. I was using the other mod...where you take a radio shack RCA to 1/4" from the output of the Reverb pan to the NOrmal Channel. But this jumpering is better. Brings out the tone in your strat with plenty of reverb!!